Ecotourism seen as opportunity for development of Croatian rural areas

ZAGREB, 25.11.2014.

A conference on Croatia's potential for ecotourism was organised in Zagreb on Tuesday by the Lux Promocija company, and the event brought together over 100 participants, including Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin.

Addressing the event, the minister said that his department would soon prepare an action plan for ecotourism and sustainable tourism, encompassing environment protection, zoning and other segments.

One of the elements of the plan is to award certifications to a score of environment friendly hotels, as those "green" hotels promote sustainable, renewables and eco-friendly cleaning products as well as organic food.

The purpose of the ministry's actions is to encourage other stakeholders in the tourist trade, apart from hotels, to adhere to "green friendly" rules in their businesses, according to Lorencin, who assesses that Croatia has "huge potential" for ecotourism.

In this context, participants in the conference pointed out opportunities for Croatian rural areas, its mountainous regions and islands to develop ecotourism.