New Recreational – Tourist Center for Nin

The new recreational – tourist center, which will be located in the Dalmatian city of Nin, will demand investments in the value of EUR 45 – 50 million.

According today’s contract signed by the city mayor Emil Ćurko and the representative of te company ‘Tankerska plovidba’ Ivo Maračić, the future director of the new Center, the city of Nin will secure the necessary land and the ‘Tankerska plovidba’ will be in charge of building the Center as well as securing the necessary financial means of EUR 45 – 50 million.

All preparations are ongoing and at the moment they are working on gathering the demanded integral documentation. Without having set the precise date for initiating the construction activities, it is planned for the Center to be finalized by the end of the year 2008.

The Minister of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development Božidar Kalmeta was also present at the ceremony of signing the contract.

‘This project represents a historical event for the city of Nin’, explained the mayor thanking the ‘Tankerska plovidba’ for their participation and investments.

Today was also organized the opening of the reconstructed road along the Liburnia coast and the marking of the construction activities for the new elementary school 'Petar Zoranić'.

The Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development invested in the reconstructed road HRK 1 million and secured for the building of the school, in cooperation with the city of Nin, HRK 15 million.