Alps Adriatic WG on Tourism

ZAGREB, 13.4.2006.

The work group (WG) on tourism for the Alps Adriatic Working Community is holding its first official meeting this year in Zagreb on 13 April 2006.

The Republic of Croatia is leading the WG since 1996, realizing during that period a number of activities including the publishing of 5 magazines, three road-charts, video material, collecting statistical data for the Alps Adriatic area, organizing round-table discussions.

During the upcoming meeting the WG will decide on the publishing of a new magazine called 'Religious customs’, as well as the publishing of a special edition with the title 'Bicycle tours'. Other topics will include analyzing various group activities from the point of view of the EU enlargement.

Today’s meeting will be presided by the Assistant Minister Želimir Kramarić accompanied by Imre Gyözö Nagy, who is presiding the Alps Adriatic Commission II for Economic Affairs, Traffic and Tourism.