Increase of Tourist Numbers

ZAGREB, 10.4.2006.

During the first two months in 2006, commercial accommodation objects in Croatia registered a 15% increase in tourist arrivals and a 13% increase in tourist nights as compared to the same period in 2005. Those increases were mostly achieved thanks to domestic tourists.

According to official data, the total number of tourists during January and February mounted up to 238.7 thousand tourists, with 618.1 thousand tourist nights (an average of 2.6 nights per arrival).

Counting the total numbers, domestic tourists realized 61.4% off all tourist night stays and foreign tourists 38.6%.

The exact number of domestic tourist arrivals was 146 thousand (plus by 18%) and 379.7 thousand domestic night stays (plus by 17%).

The number of foreign tourists during January and February went up by 9% (total of 92.7 thousand) as compared to the same period last year. They also realized 238.3 thousand night stays (plus by 9%).

Regarding other foreign tourists, Italian tourists realized 15.7% of all foreign night stays, tourists from Bosnia-Herzegovina 11.3%, tourists from Austria 11.1% and from Slovenia 10.9%. They are followed by Germans with 9.4%, tourists from Serbia and Montenegro with 5.3% and tourists from Great Britain with 4.2%.