Minister happy with data showing positive tourist season


Despite unfavourable circumstances for this year's tourism season, the first nine months as well as September alone saw a continuation of upward trends in both guests' arrivals and their overnight stays, according to figures compiled by the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) which Minister Darko Lorencin presented at a news conference in the Tuheljske Toplice Spa on Friday.

In September, the number of visitors rose 0.3% to 1.45 million, and overnight stays increased by 2% to 8.75 million, while the first nine months of 2014 saw a 4.2% rise in the number of tourists' arrivals to 12.1 million and a 2% increase in their overnight stays totalling 70.7 million.

Minister Lorencin said he was hopeful about the continuation of positive trends for the remainder of the year.

He said he was glad to see a rise in the number of tourists coming from Germany, Slovenia and Austria, the top three countries in terms of the number of their nationals visiting Croatia.

He pointed out a rise in the number of visitors coming from the USA, Korea, China as well as from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, Great Britain and Scandinavian countries.