Ogresta's Mediterranean as it once Was Wins First Prize at Film Festival in Berlin

ZAGREB, 17.3.2006.

A movie called "Croatia - The Mediterranean As It Once Was", directed by Zrinko Ogresta and produced by the Croatian National Board of Tourism, has won the first prize, The Golden City Gate (Das Goldene Stadttor), in the category promoting countries and regions at the central world tourist film festival in Berlin (8-17 March), as the Four Film production company reported on Friday.

More than 300 films from all around the world competed for the film award, also known as the tourism Oscar.

The international jury consisted of 26 members, film, media, and tourist experts from who unanimously decided to reward the Croatian movie with the first prize.

The movie, which lasts for 15 minutes, contains feature and documentary elements. It tells the charming story of a young lady tourist visiting a foreign airport. It is a story telling about the beauties of Croatia.