Environmental and Tourist Action 'I Love Croatia 2006'

KOPRIVNICA, 13.3.2006.

The town of Molve in PodravinaThe Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) in cooperation with its tourist offices throughout the country, organizes for the 10th year in a row the project 'I love Croatia' which includes environmental actions, the tidying of tourist areas, the creating of a warm atmosphere for the welcoming of domestic and foreign tourists and visitors, the education of local inhabitants and professionals all with the goal of turning Croatian into an attractive and more comfortable destination.

This year's action starts in the Koprivnica – Križevci County, i.e. in the town of Molve in Podravina, a town which was awarded with the HTZ ‘Green Flower’ prize three times, up until now. The beginning of the action was marked with the planting of 82 trees along one street in the town of Molve.

The whole action helped to supported Croatia’s image of being a desirable tourist destination, a country protecting its ecological resources. The whole action mustn't turn into a routine; it has to remain the joint effort of professional tourist employees and the local inhabitants. Together they participate in the ongoing process of freshening up, tidying up the destinations along the coast and in the continental part of the country, explained Niko Bulić, direcotr of the HTZ. He also added that it was very important to include children into the project by organizing various contests for them to participate and express their creativity.