Ministry of Culture and HTZ: Joint Promotion of Cultural Tourism

ZAGREB, 13.3.2006.

Minister of Culture Božo Biškupić and director of the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) Niko BulićThe Minister of Culture Božo Biškupić and the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) Niko Bulić signed today an agreement on improving the cooperation for the presentation and protection of cultural goods, national and nature parks in the country and abroad as well as the co-financing of joint projects.

That kind of promotion will be organized via the publishing of various print materials in different languages. One of the first projects will be the publishing of the brochure and chart ‘Croatian parks – national parks and nature parks’.

The HTZ will also include in its future fair program a certain number of specialized fairs for protected areas in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and public institutions which are in charge of national and nature parks.

The author of that symbol/sign is the sculptor Damir MataušićThe Ministry and the HTZ will also work on a program of visits to those parks especially organized for foreign journalists in order to achieve a better tourist and cultural promotion.

Another important step will be the installing of signs offering information about the protection of the environment and natural goods as well as the joint participation in financing the distribution of signalization indicating locations of cultural goods and objects.  That cooperation will also continue with the allocation of additional ‘brown signalization’, i.e. brown signs along motorways and roads reminding the driver off near by cultural and natural monuments.

The building of the Ministry of Culture received today, symbolically, the first sign representing an immovable cultural good in the Republic of Croatia. The sign was manufactured in bronze in form of the early Croatian letter ‘L’ symbolizing a house, reminding of the topographic symbol which marks important cultural monuments. The author of that symbol/sign is the sculptor Damir Mataušić.