Croatia Attends ITB Fair in Berlin (8-12 March)

ZAGREB, 6.3.2006.

The Croatian State Secretary for Tourism Zdenko Mičić and the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Niko Bulić will host a press conference on Wednesday, 8 March, at the world"s largest tourist fair which is traditionally being organized in Berlin.


The fair ITB 2006 will last from 8-12 March, for private visitors it will be open during the days 10 – 12 March, and for business visitors on every day.

This year"s ITB counts 10.400 exhibitors from 180 countries, with Greece as the chosen partner country. Up until now experience has proven that the Berlin fair is a very good indicator regarding the upcoming tourist season, as it is very important for Croatia to gain the trust of the Germans since they represent such an important tourist market.

Statistics show that German tourists were the most numerous group of tourists in Croatia during the year 2005 with 1.6 million tourist arrivals and over 11 million night stays.

The HTZ will represent its offer by promoting the Croatian tourist offer and 17 domestic tourist companies as well as Croatian tourist offices. The whole promotion will be accompanied by the ‘Maraschino cocktail show’ offering the visitors the chance to taste cocktails containing the famous Zadar brandy ‘Maraschino’. Another important event, occurring on 9 March, will be the signing of a contract between the HTZ and the German ADAC regarding the testing of the quality of the seawater.

GTZ – the German Society for Technical Cooperation who is the partner in the implementation of the ‘Danube Region Bicycle Route’ will also be present at the fair giving an opportunity to all Danube riparian states to promote themselves and their region"s tourism potential.

GTZ also announces a press conference on 10 March, where the Assistant Minister for Tourist Policy and Market Želimir Kramarić will hold a presentation related to the tourist offer of the Croatian Danube region and Croatia’s participation in the project ‘Danube Region Bicycle Route’.