Second world congress of travel agencies to be held in Zagreb in November

ZAGREB, 24.8.2014.

The Second Worldwide Summit of Presidents of Travel Agencies will be held in Zagreb on November 6-8, bringing together more than 300 participants who are to discuss the future of travel agencies in the period until 2020 in the light of global changes, the event's organiser, the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) said earlier this week.

The participants in the event include around 100 senior world tourism officials, including the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organisation, Taleb Rifai, as well as many international experts who are to discuss global issues, current topics and changes in global tourism.

The first worldwide summit of travel agency presidents was held in Cordoba, Spain, in 2013.

The UHPA will organise this year's event in cooperation with the Croatian Tourism Board (HTZ) and the Zagreb Tourism Office.