Summit100: Small economies should cooperate

CAVTAT, 14.7.2014.

Leading entrepreneurs and business people from the region met in Cavtat on Monday for the third "Summit100 Business Leaders of Southeast Europe: A New Deal for a New Age" to address cooperation possibilities aimed at making national economies more competitive and strengthening the potential of the entire Southeast Europe.

Opening the two-day event, Croatian Employers Association (HUP) president Ivica Mudrinic said the world of today was characterised by globalisation and digitalisation. Competition from faraway countries and new brands are threatening business and progress, making regional cooperation a natural state for relatively small economies and markets, he added.

Therefore this conference should be a starting point for improving cooperation as a foundation for a better and more secure future for our citizens, Mudrinic said.

Summit100 Board president Damir Kustrak said entrepreneurs had a chance to convey their ideas to the leaders of the Brdo-Brijuni Process as well as to Europe and the rest of the world.
IBM president for Europe Harry van Dorenmalen underlined the importance of technology.

This world needs to be developed and a better tomorrow created, he said. The situation is such that more people have mobile phones than drinking water, and it is good that the participants in the summit have realised that there is no progress without cooperation, he added.

The aim of Summit100 is to become a lasting platform and a meeting place for the most prominent entrepreneurs and business people from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo, as well as for the top political officials from the region, in order to create the prerequisites for making national economies more competitive and strengthening the potential of the entire Southeast Europe, organisers said.

The main topic is improving economic policies and regional cooperation by recognising the potential in tourism, transport and logistics, food and drink, ICT and services, health and pharmacy, and the energy sector.

The summit was organised by the HUP, the Serbian Association of Managers, Montenegro's Atlas Foundation, and the Managers' Association of Slovenia. Summit100 was previously held in Serbia and Montenegro.