"Total Inland Dalmatia" web portal launched

SPLIT, 16.6.2014.

"Total Inland Dalmatia", a web portal promoting the cultural heritage and scenery of the Dalmatian hinterland, was initiated on Friday by English blogger Paul Bradbury and the local authorities in Sinj, a town in the hinterland of the biggest Croatian Adriatic city of Split.

Bradbury, who has already launched portals "Total Hvar" and "Total Split", said that bloggers would post a few reports daily on the latest web portal.

Some 4,000 articles in English are expected to be produced in this way annually.

The focus will be put on towns in inland Dalmatia: Sinj, Vrlika, Drnis, Dugopolje, Trilj, Imotski, Knin and Vrgorac in order to enhance their popularity as tourist destinations.

Presenting the new web portal, Bradbury spoke about local attractions such as the medieval tournament "Sinjska Alka", a regatta on the lake of Peruca, archeological finds and centuries-old watermills, the River Cetina and other attractive destinations just an hour from the sea.