Singed Partnership for 'Posedarje Riviera' Project

POSEDARJE, 17.2.2006.

Zdenko Mičić, State Secretary of tourism

Today, the representatives of the Posedarje municipality and the president of the management board of the Croatian construction company INGRA singed a public-private partnership, initiating the realization of the 'Posedarje Riviera' project. This project represents the first Greenfield investment within Croatian tourism. Its value mounts up to EURO 100 million, including 1500 beds, a marina for 200 vessels as well as other forms of entertainment – all that spread over 45 hectares of land. The Projects should be finalized by the year 2009.

The local authorities explained that the reason why the company INGRA was chosen, at the public tender, as the future partner for this projects was because it fulfilled the expectations of the local government. They wanted to create something with a long-lasting value, something which would provide jobs for more than 200 people.

Zdenko Mičić, State Secretary of tourism, said that the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development was supporting the Project because it was so important for Croatian tourism to create accommodation capacities of a higher category. At the moment only 10-12% of all hotel accommodation facilities were providing a 4-5 stars service level.

Nadan Vidošević, head of the Croatian Chamber of Economy

Nadan Vidošević, head of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, praised the positive attitude of the investor towards the ideas of the local community. He pointed out that the basis for a successful project is the development of autochthon tourism, the creation of the image of a ‘warm’ Mediterranean country.

Igor Oppenheim, president of the INGRA management board, explained that it was the company’s wish to include the whole Zadar area, in every possible way, into the project.

The Zadar County- Prefect, Ivo Grbić, pointed out that other similar projects would follow like for example projects on the the locations of Tustica, Pakoštane, Šepurine and other.

The professional team members included in the development of the whole project were Dr. Stijepo Butijer from the company Alfaplan, Dr. Ivan Vajić as well as the consulting company Synergic Solutions.