"Safe Tourist Season" conference starts in Valbandon

VALBANDON, 13.5.2014.

A conference which brought together police chiefs ahead of the tourist season was opened in the Valbandon resort in the northern Adriatic on Tuesday and apart from representative of the Croatian Police, the event was also attended by police chiefs and police representatives of countries taking part in the Safe Tourist Season project.

As part of the conference, Deputy Interior Minister Evelin Tonkovic and Deputy Tourism Minister Ratomir Ivicic, on behalf of their ministries, signed an agreement on co-financing the Safe Tourist Season project.

"Our country is rich in natural beauties and culture but when it comes to tourism we always put the safety of locals and tourists first," Ivicic said, adding that the Tourism Ministry had allocated HRK 200,000 for this project.

He said that the Safe Tourist Season project had helped Croatia create the image of a very safe country.

Evelin said that indicators of how successful the project is are not only positive reactions of locals and foreign nationals but also the fact that the police forces of Austria, Italy and Slovenia opted to carry out the "winter version" of this project at their ski resorts.

A total of 13 foreign police organisations are taking part in the implementation of the project. Fifty seven foreign police participated in the project during last year's tourist season and a total of 346 police since the project was launched in 2006.