'Excelsior' One of Europe's Top Hotels

DUBROVNIK, 6.2.2006.

The Sunday Times published on Sunday, 5 February, the article "Hot Hotels" containing a list of the eleven most attractive Mediterranean hotels for the year 2006. The author of the article is the well known journalist David Wickers and he was the one who included in that list the Dubrovnik hotel "Excelsior". He explained that all those eleven hotels are highly desirable, and that they are usually completely sold out even before the start of the season. He points out that the modern tourist is well informed when it comes to the offer of top hotels, he uses the Internet and he knows all about trendy holidays on the Mediterranean coast.

The Dubrovnik ‘Excelsior’ is the only Croatian hotel on that list, accompanied by hotels from Italy, France, Majorca, Portugal, Greece and Turkey.

This event is one more proof for the high quality service this hotel is providing for its guests. The ‘Excelsior’ has created a successful international brand standing for the integration of tradition and modern hotel trends.

The author also describes the popularity of Dubrovnik itself, describing the unique location of the hotel – so close to the city walls. He adds that the recently introduced spa offer will also help promote the ‘Excelsior’.

This recognition of the Sunday Times is one of many this hotel has received during the past years. At the end one has to point out the fact that most of the ‘Excelsior’ guests are guests arriving from the UK.