10 Million Tourists Visited Croatia In 2005

During last year, Croatia registered almost 10 million tourist arrivals and 51.42 million night stays. Those numbers were presented by the Central Bureau of Statistics regarding tourist traffic achieved in 2005.  

According to those first figures, Croatia registered in 2005, 9.995.070 tourists in its commercial accommodation objects. Those numbers almost achieved this year’s predictions. 

Comparing those numbers to the total tourist numbers registered in 2004, the year 2005 registered an increase by 6.3% in tourist arrivals, and an increase by 7.5% in overnight stays.

Foreign tourists covered 85% of all tourist arrivals and 89% of all overnight stays. As compared to 2004 they realized an increase by 7% in tourist arrivals (total of 8.46 million) and an increase by 8% in overnight stays (total of 45.98 million).

The same time, Croatia registered 1.52 million domestic tourists (plus by 1.3% over 2004) and 5.43 million overnight stays (plus by 2.4%).

According to the Bureau, during last year’s December, Croatia registered approximately 138 000 tourists with 315 500 overnight stays. Compared to the same month in 2004 those figures show a 4% and 5% increase.