'Adriatica.net' Takes Over Atlas Airtours

Zagreb, 15.12.2005.

The Zagreb on-line travel agency 'adriatica.net' took over 55.56% of the Zagreb travel agency Atlas Airtours, turning it formally into a member of the 'adriatica.net' Group.

With this new business merger the two agencies, according to their statements, confirmed their successful strategic cooperation which began last year and resulted this year in the joint number of over 110 000 passengers.

The posting of the Atlas Airtours offer on the 'adriatica net' web sites, resulted in an income of over HRK 13 million (over 50 million night stays). According to them this shows how important on-line booking has become in domestic tourism as well in the active presentation of the tourist offer on the international market.

'adriatica.net' has found a strong partner in Atlas Airtours for the defining of the tourist offer for the European market, as well as for the enriching of the existing offer, mostly oriented towards Croatia and other Mediterranean countries.

Representatives of 'adriatica.net' are pointing out that current management of Atlas Airtours will stay on, headed by the general director Konstantin Rešetar.

Besides the 'adriatica.net' travel agency, other members of the 'adriatica.net' Group are the Croatian on-line travel agency 'Adria Gate' as well as the Slovenian agency 'Ilirika Tourism'. (Hina)