Croatia Registered 9.7 Million Tourists in 10 Months

Zagreb, 9.12.2005.

According to data provided by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Croatia registered 9.7 million tourist arrivals (plus by 6% over 2004) and 50.73 million night stays (plus 8% over 2004) during the first ten months in 2005.

Most of the total night stays were registered at hotels (14.29 million – 28%) representing a 9% increase as compared to the first ten months in 2004.
The most noticeable (20%) growth occurred in private tourist accommodation facilities (rooms, apartments and weekend houses). According to the Bureau, those objects registered 13.82 million night stays which represents 27.2% of the total number of registered night stays for the defined period of ten months.

At third position we find camping sites with 13.09 million night stays, same as in 2004.

During the first ten month, 8.33 million foreign tourists came to Croatia (plus by 7% over 2004), realizing also an 8% increase in night stays (total of 45.63 million).

Domestic tourists realized 1.37 million arrivals (a 2% increase) and 5.09 million night stays (a 3% increase).

According to those figures, the average number of domestic night stays amounts up to 3.7 nights per arrival and foreign night stays 5.5 nights per arrival.
According to tradition, most of the foreign tourists visiting Croatia arrived from Germany - 1.55 million arrivals and 10.93 million night stays. They realized 24% of the total number of night stays. Still, compared to the same period last year, as far as Germans are concerned the Bureau registered a 1% decrease in arrivals and a 1% increase in night stays.

The second position is held by Italians with 1.22 million arrivals and 5.63 night stays, which is a 2% and a 6% increase as compared to the same period in 2004.

Compared to last year, fewer tourists arrived from Slovenia. The figures show 867 000 arrivals (down by 1%). At the same time they realized a 1% increase in night stays (total of 5.07 million).

The Austrians remained at the fourth position with 728 100 arrivals (same as in 2004) and 3.71 million night stays (plus by 3% over 2004). Czechs arrived in the number of 614 100 (down by 7%), spending in our country 4.04 million nights (down by 3%).

Tourists from Hungary proved, once more, to be amongst the ‘most stable’ traditional Croatian guests with 450 500 tourist arrivals (a 12% increase) and 2.39 million night stays (a 15% increase).

The highest growth in 2005 was realized by French tourists with 586 900 arrivals (plus by 51% over 2004) and 1.91 million night stays (plus by 56% over 2004).

Croatia counted over one million night stays during the first ten months, in the cases of Dutch tourists (1.9 million), Polish tourists (1.37 million), British tourists (1.33 million) and tourists from Slovakia (1.18 million). (Hina)