Zlatko Marinović Awarded 'Golden Chef 2005'

Opatija, 8.12.2005.

Zlatko Marinović, the chef of the Split restaurant 'Noštromo' was awarded tonight with the title 'Golden Chef 2005’ at a ceremony organized on the final evening of the ‘Croatian Culinary Days’ and the 2nd national contest ‘Golden Cook’ organized from 6 till 8 December in Opatija.

The most important Croatian culinary assembly and contest were organized by the Croatian Culinary Society with help of the Government and under the aegis of the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development.

All in all 17 cooks competed for the title 'Golden Cook 2005', Mario Kuzminski, chef at the Varaždin hotel ‘Turist’ won the second award and Davor Capan, chef at the Opatija hotel ‘Milenij’  the third.

The other contesters, approximately 50 chefs, pastry chefs and their assistants, competed in the art of preparing food within seven categories including warm and cold dishes, fish, deserts and other. The best in those categories won a total of 23 gold medals.

Workshops and several round tables were organized during the event – discussing culinary trends, the usage of ecological products and modern technology in contemporary gastronomy, as well as culinary heritage and tradition in the service of tourism.  (Hina)