Dalmatian Tourist Master Plan Presented on Web

Split, 8.12.2005.

The Tourist Board Council of the Split – Dalmatian County has decided at today's meeting, before the final adoption of the tourist master plan for central Dalmatia, to publish it in form of a summery on its website www.dalmatia.hr, in order to receive additional suggestions, opinions and critique from all those who are interested. 

This Plan, which was drafted by the company Horwath Consulting from Zagreb, will be discussed in all County institutions beginning next year.

The Plan foresees a transformation of central Dalmatia into a tourist destination living off tourism during almost the entire year, and not like now – only during two months in summer – for this would allow long-term profitability.

For the realization of such a vision it would be necessary to improve the capital, natural, cultural and infrastructural values; develop new products and double the number of educated professionals according to the characteristics of the three different areas – the coast, the islands and the hinterland.

The president of the County Tourist Board Office, Mili Rezović stated that the Split – Dalmatian County plans to achieve a 2-3% growth in tourist traffic for the upcoming year. The promotion of tourism would be more directed towards the French and Scandinavian tourist market, with an increased number of so-called road show programs used for the promotion of private accommodation.(Hina)