First 11 Months: 9.43 Million Tourists and 52 Million Night Stays

Zagreb, 6.12.2005.

Croatia (the Adriatic coast and Zagreb) registered in this year's first eleven months 9.43 million tourists (an 8% increase over 2004), at the same time nearly 52 million registered night stays represent a 9% increase as compared to the same period in 2004. Those figures were provided by the Croatian National Tourist Board (Hrvatska Turistička Zajednica – HTZ).

In the first eleven months, the Adriatic coast registered 95% of all tourist arrivals and 98% of all night stays. Based on HTZ sources, the seven Adriatic counties received 8.97 million tourists arrival (an 8% increase over 2004), counting 51.1 million night stays (a 9% increase over 2004).

During that eleven months period, 7.89 million foreign tourists (an 8% increase over 2004) arrived at the Croatian coast. They realized 45.85 million nights stays (a 9% increase over 2004).

The same percentage of increase was registered as far as domestic registered tourists are concerned (1.08 million). They spent 5.24 million registered nights at the coast.

The strongest growth in tourist traffic amongst Adriatic counties, as compared to the same period in 2004, was registered in Dalmatia. Five Dalmatian counties have been visited by 4.2 million tourists, realizing 21.87 million night stays – this shows  15% (arrivals) and  17 % (night stays) increases as compared to 2004. 

Next in line is Istria, a region visited by 2.52 million guests (same as in 2004) with 17.33 million night stays (a 3% increase over 2004). 
The Kvarner region (with its two counties) hosted 2.26 million tourists (a 4% increase over 2004) and registered 11.88 million night stays (an 11% increase over 2004).

Zagreb presents the numbers of 457.600 arrivals and 845.200 night stays in eleven months, which represents 20% and 18% increases over 2004. Until now, November is considered to be the top month in 2005. During that time, according to HTZ data, Croatia counted 112.000 registered tourists with 296.000 registered tourist nights (a 2% increase over November, 2004). (Hina)