Opatija: Croatian Culinary Days

Zagreb, 11.2.2005.

The first 'Croatian Culinary Days' and the second national competition 'Golden Cook' will be organized by the Croatian Cooks Society in Opatija, 6-8 December, with the goal of promoting the cookery profession, the Croatian culinary tradition, its tourist valorization and the encouragement for using domestic dietary and agricultural products.

This event, held under the aegis of the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development, expects over 300 participants, 100 of them will be cooks from all over Croatia, competing in the preparation of domestic dishes inspired by the Croatian culinary tradition.

This is the second national competition among cooks, this year. According to the Croatian Cooks Society the number of competition categories was increased up to seven, and everything will be organized in several hotels in Opatija.

The final winner will receive a special reward called 'Golden Cook 2005'.

This three day event will include also several experts' gatherings, amongst those the organizers are pointing out the workshop for the use of ecological products in modern gastronomy and the meeting discussing culinary tradition in the function of tourism as well as how to creatively enrich the local tourist offer. (Hina)