Dubrovnik, Split among world's top 10 destinations in hotel satisfaction

ZAGREB, 2.3.2014.

The Croatian coastal cities of Dubrovnik and Split are ranked 4th and 10th on trivago.com's list of the world's top 100 destination cities according to average hotel ratings.

To maximise their chances of having a satisfying hotel experience, according to the aggregate ratings from Trivago users, travelers should head to Sorrento, Italy; Dresden, Germany; or Gdansk, Poland, which placed in the top three spots.

During 2013, two of Europe's most popular vacation destinations -- Paris and London -- ended up near the bottom of Trivago's Reputation Ranking.

Paris ranked slightly above London this year, but neither city is exactly in a position to boast. In this list of the top 100 international destinations according to hotel ratings, the French and British capitals were in 92nd and 96th place respectively. Paris and London were outranked by a number of rival European destinations, including Prague (18th), Vienna (23rd), and Berlin (24th).

At the end of the ranking, behind London, are Singapore (97th) and the Indonesian cities of Bandung (98th) and Jakarta (99th). Manila, in the Philippines, is in the very last place.

To make it into the Trivago Reputation Ranking, cities must have a minimum of 130 hotels and at least 60 ratings on Trivago for each hotel. Over 82 million traveler ratings went into the calculation of the ranking.