Project 'Employment in Tourism': 350 New Employees

Zagreb, 23.11.2005.

During the two months project ' Employment in Tourism' which was promoted via the Internet portal 'www.posao.hr', 307 job ads were posted, and the particular site counted 25.782 visitors.

The project lasted from 17 July until 17 September, and since each job ad often searched for more than one employee, the portal promoted a total of 392 open positions. This pilot project was planned as a joint action of the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development, the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship, Croatian Employment Service and the Internet portal 'Posao.hr'. The main goal was to stimulate the recruiting of qualified employees during the tourist season.

 'We are satisfied with the results and we hope that in the future there will be even more similar projects. Considering the feedback of the visitors and the fact that 90% of all job ads result in employment, we figure that this action secured employment for 350 persons', said Saša Jurković who is the executive director of 'Posao.hr'.

In order to motivate the employers, 'Posao.hr' has secured for them a 'free of charge' browsing of all the CV's they received and they offered them a 20% discount for posting their tourism related job ads on the site. On the sites of the ‘Posao.hr’, the Ministry and the Employment Service were providing information, advice and recommendations in order to help those who were searching for a job.

The feedback of the visitors of 'Posao,hr' was positive – the employers had an easier access to the possible employees and the employees were offered a larger number of free positions in tourism. Since, during the tourist season, employment in tourism is highly desired – even 1022 new CV's were created on 'Posao.hr for the targeted service area.

During these 2 months, employees were mostly demanded in the area of the Split – Dalmatia County (17%), Primorje – Gorski Kotar County (10%), Istria (8%), Dubrovnik – Neretva County (8%), Zadar County (5%) and Šibenik – Knin County (5%).