HTZ: Ongoing Tourist Growth in Ten Months and in October

Zagreb, 10.11.2005.

This year during the first ten months, 8.89 million tourists (plus of 8% over 2004) visited the Croatian part of the Adriatic coast. At the same time 50.9 million night stays were registered (plus of 9% over 2004). This data was provided by the Central Bureau the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ). 
A noticeable increase in tourist arrivals (plus of 18%) and night stays (plus of 19%) was registered at the Adriatic coast during October, with 384 800 tourists and 1.3 million night stays.

As far as foreign tourists are concerned, 7.85 million of them (plus of 8% over 2004) visited the Adriatic coast in the first ten months. With 45.75 million the number of foreign night stays rose by 9%, as compared to the same period in 2004.

From January to the end of October, as compared to last year, the number of domestic tourists also went up. The Central Bureau of Statistics registered 1.04 million domestic guests and 5.15 million domestic night stays, i.e. increases by 9 and 8 %.

Dalmatia (with its four counties) recorded a total increase of 4.16 million tourists (plus of 16%), and a growth of 21.82 million (plus of 17%). These numbers put Dalmatia on a leading position amongst the Adriatic regions. 

Istria was visited by 2.5 million tourists (same as in 2004), while the number of 17.27 million night stays represents a 3% increase over 2004.
In the two Kvarner Counties occurred a 4% increase of night stays with 11.8 tourist nights and 2.23 million tourist arrivals.

Zagreb recorded its best tourist results with a 21% increase in tourist arrivals (422 000) and a 20% increase of tourist nights (776 100).
According to HTZ statistics, during the defined period 9.32 million tourists came to Croatia (Adriatic and Zagreb) and they achieved 51.68 million night stays.  Those numbers show a 9% increase as compared to the same period in 2004.

With those results, for the first time since gaining its independence, Croatia is close to achieving the numbers of one of the most successful pre-war tourist season (1989), with recorded 52 million night stays. (Hina)