Summer 2005: Vacation Houses Registered Less Guests and More Night Stays

Zagreb, 8.11.2005.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, vacation houses and apartments in Croatia, from 15 June to 15 September this year, registered 233 300 guests. This figure shows a decrease of 1% as compared to the same period in 2004. At the same time the number of night stays went up by 9% based on a total of 3.35 million nights.

Looking at the total number of night stays spent in vacation houses and apartments, 61% was realised by guests for whom a lump sum tourist tax had to be paid, while the rest of all night stays was relised by guests for whom the tourist tax had to be paid per night.
The average number of night stays per arrival was 13 nights or one night more than last year. Domestic tourists stayed at those houses for an average of 21 days (same as in 2004), and foreign tourists for eight days (increase of one day).

The listed data, provided by the National Bureau of Statistics, relates to non-commercial objects, whose function it is not to be rented out to guests, but they primarily serve as vacation objects for their owners, members of their family and friends.

The owners have spent at their houses/apartments 2.37 million registered night stays (70,7% of the total number of night stays), which is a 13% increase as compared to the summer 2004. In this summer the registered number of those kind of tourist arrivals was 111 100, 10% more than last year.
This summer's 122 200 foreign tourists showed a decrease by 10% in tourist arrivals, but they were able to keep up last year's number of night stays (977 800).

Considering foreign tourist and counting their night stays at vacation houses and apartments, the best results were achieved by tourists from Slovenia with 296 600 night stays (24% less than in 2004).

At second place, with approximately 148 000 night stays (down by 8% over 2004), are positioned tourists from Germany. With 104 300 night stays at those objects, the guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina mark a 42% increase as compared to 2004. The fourth position is taken by tourists from Hungary, with 85 300 night stays.

At fifth position are Italian tourists with 61 100 night stays (minus by 33%), while Austrians realised 56 400 night stays causing a minus by 15%.
As compared to last year, noticeable increases were also achieved by tourists from other foreign countries, f.ex. Slovakia (173%), Czech Republic (44%), Serbia and Montenegro (31%), Switzerland (36%) and Sweden (43%).(Hina)