National Geographic Adventure: Croatia Tops List of 'Next Year's Must-see Places'

Washington, 11.1.2005.

National Geographic Adventure has proclaimed Croatia as the first among the top 10 "adventure nations", i.e. "next year’s must-see places".

According to the first annual semi-scientific survey the monthly journal conducted among its staffers and writers, Croatia is at the top of "this A-list of next year"s must-see places".

 Croatia is first-ranked with an explanation "So hot in 2005 that it was hard to book a flight. For next year, Kornati National Park tops our list".

Croatia is followed by Argentina. "There"s still no better adventure travel value in the world than Patagonia at devalued peso prices," reads the explanation on the list.

Mongolia with its Gobi and glistening Lake Hoesvsgoel is third-ranked. It is followed by Botswana.India, South Africa, Thailand, China, Ecuador, Mozambique are ranked from the fifth to the tenth place.

National Geographic Adventure published on Monday a 10-page report on Croatia.

"With some 1,200 islands scattered across the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is best seen by boat. And though most visitors will probably choose to avoid a five-week, 400-mile (644-kilometer) expedition like ours, it"s very possible to catch the highlights in a few days." Jon Bowermaster, a reporter of the monthly, wrote in the article.

Photographs of Croatia were made by Peter McBride.

"Today tourism is booming. Europeans, who long flocked to the former Yugoslavia"s walled cities and pebbled beaches are back in force and have dragged the rest of the world with them. Last summer some five million tourists visited Croatia"s coast. Ultrahip, centuries-old towns like Hvar, Korcula, and Dubrovnik are packed with the young, restless, and rich, encouraging nicknames like the New Riviera," Bowermaster wrote, among other things.

"With Croatia back on the tourism map, a whole new range of travel options has sprung up, from cultural and culinary tours among the walled cities of the coast to climbing adventures on limestone sea cliffs, to specialized, clothing-free "naturist" excursions (some eastern European traditions die hard)."

The author particularly points out islands, primarily Kornati and Mljet, as must-see places for tourists. (Hina)