Skradin: Presentation of Tourism Development Project

Skradin, 19.10.2005.

The Skradin Tourist Board presented today a project on tourism development in the Skradin area, with the title '' Turina and Bribir''. This project is being financed by the EU through its Cards program for sustainable development of war damaged areas. The investment amounts up to       EUR 335 500.
As was stated on the promotion, the goals of the project were the revitalization of the river Krk, the development of this former war zone to become a tourist center, and the boosting of the economic situation by developing tourism.

The whole project is worth EUR 500 000 and was co-financed by the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development, the Ministry of Culture, the County of Šibenik – Knin, the City of Skradin, the Croatian National Tourist Board as well as the Tourist boards of the county and the town of Skradin.

Nediljko Dujić, the Mayor of Skradin, said that this project could be used as a future model for demonstrating how to reach the pre-accession funds of the EU.

Karmen Španjol Bićanić, head of the Skradin Tourist Board, emphasized how the programs of the project for the tourism development in the Skradin area would be finalized by the end of 2006.

She added that the tourist infrastructure would be reconstructed, the Turina fortress and the archeological site '' Bribirska glavica''  would be fixed-up and presented, formerly not used paths turned into biking and hiking paths towards Raslina, Vodice and Bribirska glavica.

She stated that the carrying out of the project '’Turina and Bribir’' was standing for the promotion of natural and cultural local heritage, traditional cuisine and for the development of new forms of tourism as an alternative to the existing one along the coast – the new cultural, rural and recreational tourism. (Hina)