In July, 3.2% more accommodation facilities than last year

Zagreb, 14.9.2005.

During July, Croatia counted 1 414 more accommodation facilities in which registered tourist night stays. Most of those facilities were hotels (484) and camping sites (212). According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, private accommodation facilities registered 50 766 tourist night stays.

Comparing those data to the same period last year, we see that the number of accommodation facilities has increased for another 44 objects (up by 3.2%).

The number of hotels increased by 4.5 % (21 objects), 4 new camping sites were registered and 3.820 private accommodation facilities (up by 8%).
In 1 414 accommodation facilities, the tourists had 287 941 accommodation units at their disposal (up by 4.6% over July 2004). The number of rooms went up to 128 848 (up by 1.4%), the number of apartments went up to 87 719 (up by 10.7%), while the camping spaces in camping sites reached the number of 71 374 (up by 3.3% over July 2004).

The number of registered beds, compared to July 2004, went up by 4.4% (plus of 34 589) reaching a total of 813 993 in July 2005. Most of those beds (43%) were to be found in private accommodation facilities, which is an increase by 8.8% as compared to July 2004.

The share of beds in private accommodations, related to the total number of beds, increased by 1.8% as compared to July 2004. Those figures are followed by the number of beds on camping sites, where we can find 25% (202 515) of the total number of beds, which is an increase of 0.4% as compared to last year, July.

Hotels are on third position with a share of 12.5% (101 491) of the total of beds, which is an increase of approximately 2.3%. The rest of the 1 414 accommodation facilities with registered tourist night stays during the current season, not counting private accommodation facilities, includes 115 vacation resorts (one less than in 2004), 110 private rooms (16 more), and 69 nautical ports (2 more).