Croatian Tourism Days start in Zadar

ZADAR, 24.10.2013.

Despite the turbulence and challenges this year, the tourist season has brought in exceptional results which could not have been achieved without the efforts of everyone in that sector and preparations need to ensure an even better year next year, Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin said addressing the start of Croatian Tourism Days (DHT) conference in Zadar on Thursday.

Challenges facing tourism cannot be resolved if we constantly change our strategies and plans. We need to keep to current plans and strategies and adapt them to current situations and markets where it is important for the private and public sector to cooperate, the minister said at the start of the two-day event.

He added that ministry has adopted every idea and proposal that could lead to improving results.

Commenting on announcements of a possible increase in Value Added Tax (VAT) in tourism, Lorencin said that this was not anything special and that all countries change their VAT but that he would personally hope that it remained at 5%. The situation in the budget though is as it is, negotiations are still underway and it would be ideal for the tourism sector to keep the current VAT rate, but we will see, he said. (Hina)