Better Results During First Eight Months And In August

Zagreb, 7.9.2005.

The first data presented by the tourist boards and the Croatian National Tourist Board show that in August 2,5 million tourists visited the Croatian Adriatic Sea, which is an increase of 4% compared to the same time last year. With 17.25 million of tourist nights, this tourist year achieved an increase of 7%, as compared to August 2005.

During the first eight months in 2005, the Adriatic coast noted a 7% growth of the number of tourist, and the 7.52 million tourists who visited the summer resorts caused an 8% increase of tourist night stays.

In August, 2.29 million foreign tourists spent their holidays at the Adriatic coast (plus by 5%). The number of foreign tourist nights went up to 15.75 million (plus by 8%).

Compared to last year, the number of domestic tourists remained almost the same (209 000), but the number of domestic tourist nights went up to 1.5 million (plus by 2%).

Dalmatia, off all Adriatic regions, has noted an intensifying of tourist traffic during August with 1.17 million of tourists and 7.38 million of night stays. As compared to last year this is an average increase of 11% and 14%. All five Dalmatian regions recorded and average increase of 11% to 18%.

The Region of Kvarner registered 662 500 tourists and 4.13 million of night stays, achieving an improvement of up to 2% and 3%, compared to last year.

Only Istria noted 3% less tourists in 2005, although night stays went up for another 2%.

In August the best results were achieved in the city of Zagreb with 51 000 tourists and 92 200 night stays (up by 24% and 39%).

For the period of eight months the Adriatic coast was visited by 6.62 million tourists (up 7% over 2004). The night stays went up for another 9% with 30.04 million more as compared to 2004.

From January till the end of August, 903 200 domestic guests came to the coast and spent 4.52 million nights (plus of 2% and 6%).

For the same period Dalmatia, including its 4 counties, achieved great success with 3.4 million tourists (up by 13%) and 18.46 million night stays (up by 16%).

In eight months, 2.16 million tourists visited Istria (down by 15%), while 15.01 million night stays resulted in an increase of 2%.

The region of Kvarner recorded 1.95 million tourists, which is an increase of 5% as compared to the same period in 2004.

Zagreb was visited by 315 900 tourists in eight months (up by 22%). The registered 582 600 night stays resulted in an increase of 21%.

According to the figure provided by the Croatian National Tourist Board, Croatia (Adriatic coast and Zagreb) counted during the first eight months 7.84 million tourists and 44.15 million night stays achieving the result of an increase by 7% and 8%.