Meeting regarding customs status of temporarily imported caravans

Zagreb, 6.9.2005.

Today, at the Headquarter of the Customs Administration, a meeting was organized regarding the status of temporarily imported caravans. The meeting included the representatives of the Customs Administration, of the Customs offices Rijeka and Pula, the Croatian Camping Union and representatives of the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development.

The officials of the Customs Administration explained that it was their intention to organize the temporary import of caravans according to Customs Regulations and the International Convention for the Temporary Import and Export of Goods. It was emphasized once more, that this was not the introduction of some new regulations, it meant only the applying of the International Convention and Customs Regulations which are valid in the Republic of Croatia from the moment of gaining its independence, and are being applied in all countries of the EU, as well as in most countries outside of the EU.
It was also stated that foreigners, tourists visiting Croatia, had the opportunity to temporarily import their caravans, import and use them for six months within one year. Those caravans are not liable to customs and tax fees.

It has been emphasized once more, that the caravan can be left in Croatia at the moment of the tourist’s leaving, but it has to be left under the control of customs services. The owners of the camping sites are allowed to organize premises approved by custom services for the accommodation of caravans. 
They added that foreigners, who are not able to return their caravans to their country, do have the possibility to clear the caravan through customs and then sell it in Croatia, by themselves.

The Customs Administration is willing to co-operate with the Croatian Camping Union and the Ministry for the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development regarding the regulation of the status of temporarily imported caravans and to reinstate order on camping sites. The camping sites have a special role in the whole process – in taking over control and responsibility towards the customs offices as well as towards the tourists.

We want to stress once again that the Customs Administration of the Republic of Croatia is not insisting on collecting custom duties – every foreign tourist has the possibility to leave his caravan in Croatia on premises approved by custom services. If the tourist does not want to do so he has the possibility to clear his caravan through customs in Croatia.