Co-operation Agreement signed between Croatia and the Czech Republic

Zagreb, 6.9.2005.

The Co-operation Agreement on Tourism was signed today by the State Secretary for Tourism Zdenko Mičić and the Jiří Vačkář the Deputy Minister for Regional Development of the Czech Republic. The signing took place on the occasion of the visit of Czech President Vaclav Klaus to the Republic of Croatia. Until now all questions related to the co-operation between the Republic of Croatia and the Czech Republic regarding tourism have been regulated by the Protocol signed on 26 May 1998 by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and the Czech Ministry for Regional Development.

The Agreement foresees the establishing of a Mixed Committee on Tourism put together from tourist officials from both countries. The goal is to discuss possible mutual projects and programs related to the bilateral co-operation within tourism.

Both sides will exchange statistical and other data related to tourism, including laws and normative acts which regulate the tourist activities of the two countries and the protection of valuable cultural and natural heritage, printed material, movies etc.
The co-operation will be organized in form of seminars, the exchange of tourist experts, students and employees within tourism. The signing parties will support each other in the organization of tourist exhibitions and fairs, especially regarding the fair ‘Holiday World Fair’ in the Czech Republic and the ITTF in the Republic of Croatia.

According to the previous Protocol, the Republic of Croatia and the Czech Republic have organized two meetings of the above mentioned Committee, where the second one was held on 27 April 2005 in Prague.

The co-operation of Croatia and the Czech Republic takes place within the WTO, CEI (Central European Initiative) and the European Travel Commission.