91% of the non-employed want to work during the tourist season

Zagreb, 5.9.2005.

The pilot project ‘Employment in tourism’ was launched by the web portal ‘Posao.hr’ in co-operation with the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development, the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship and the Croatian Employment Service. During the first six month this project offered 113 ads regarding open job positions in tourism.

The main idea of the project was to stimulate employers to hire qualified workers during the tourist season in Croatia. The employers have the opportunity to browse the list of the candidates’ CVs, for free. In the period of July 20th till August 20th, 195 companies have used this opportunity. Within one month, the specialized web sites dedicated to this project, have been visited by 12 672 persons.

In the meantime, 113 ads offering jobs in tourism and gastronomy have been published. Considering that every ad includes several open positions, we might come to the conclusion that approximately 150 new positions have been offered.

Simultaneously to the project ‘Employment in tourism’, the web portal ‘Posao.hr’ organized a survey related to employment during the tourist season. The survey included 877 participants from various counties – mostly from Zagreb and the Zagreb County (28%) as well as other Croatian counties more related to tourism ( Dalmatia, Istria…).

The survey showed that, in Croatia, there is a high demand for employment: even 91% stated that they would work in tourism, in case of being unemployed. A larger part confirmed that they had carried out seasonal jobs at least once during their lives.

Further questions presented that: 46% of the participants thought that the service in tourism was neither bad nor good, 2% evaluated the service to be extremely bad, 19% stated that it was bad, 32% meant that the service was good and only 1% concluded that the service was very good.

The main reasons for such bad service were according to the survey: workers who are not motivated (38%), unkindness (27%), unqualified employees (24%) and poor knowledge of foreign languages (11%).

Another interesting information is that 46% of the participants of the survey claim that workers employed in tourism are not qualified for their jobs, only 18% of the participants believe the opposite to be true.
Although it is the general belief that working during the tourist season is the fastest way of earning money, the survey participants listed following problems: unsatisfying incomes, too many working hours, and working without being registered.

The project will last until September 20th and besides having the possibility of reading the candidates’ CVs for free, the employers can also enjoy a 20% discount on publishing their ads for open job positions in tourism and gastronomy.