Tourist spending in Zagreb in 2012 EUR 111 per day

ZAGREB, 17.9.2013.

Tourists staying in Zagreb last year spent 111 euros per day which includes EUR 67 spent on accommodation.

According to findings of the survey "TOMAS Zagreb 2012" on opinions and spending habits of tourists in Zagreb, hotels generated the biggest earnings from tourists.

The survey was conducted among 1,800 respondents-tourists in 14 hotels and four hostels and at 18 various locations.

The average age of respondents was about 40 years, and 60% of those respondents-guests were highly educated persons, according to the findings presented on Tuesday.

As many as 66% of those respondents said they arrived in the Croatian capital after collecting information about their tour via the Internet.

Business was cited as the reason to visit by 42% of the respondents in the survey conducted throughout 2012 by the Institute of Tourism, after it had been commissioned by the city's Tourist Board.

A majority of those asked expressed satisfaction with all elements and the quality of hospitality services.