Huffington Post UK runs feature on Dubrovnik

ZAGREB, 25.8.2013.

The UK edition of the Huffington Post ran an attractive feature on Croatia's southern Adriatic resort of Dubrovnik, with a recommendation for the Villa Orsula boutique hotel, by eminent British gastronomy and travel journalist Rupert Parker.

He visited Dubrovnik earlier this month and wrote about his impressions on one of the most read portals, which has 5.5 million visitors a month.

In the feature, Parker recommends what to do and see in Dubrovnik, including taking the cable car to get an overview of the town, visiting the Homeland War Museum, taking a boat trip to the island of Lokrum, seeing a Dubrovnik Summer Festival programme, and lunching in one of the town's well-known restaurants such as Proto.

Parker is a British gastronomy and travel author whose articles are published by well-known British web portals, newspapers and specialised magazines.

"This is my third visit to Dubrovnik and I'm still carried away by its situation, the ancient walled town jutting into the Adriatic, the streets bustling with tourists. It's my first time at the Villa Orsula... They claim that it's the most luxurious accommodation in the city, and I can't disagree," he wrote for the Huffington Post. (Hina)