Varazdin's street festival begins Friday

VARAZDIN, 22.8.2013.

Almost 150 musical-theatre productions will be on offer for this year's 15th Spancirfest which begins in Varazdin on August 23 and will continue until Sunday, September 1.

During the entire time of the street festival catering to "strollers", three stages will be set up for around 50 concerts by local artists and international stars, including Skunk Anansie, Triggerfinger from Belgium, Baba Zulu from Turkey, the uncrowned king of Roma music Boban, and Angolan Portuguese artist Burak Som Sistem.

This year's Spancirfest is abundant with theatre productions for adults and children and a special feature this year is introducing the Istria Artexchange fair as a novelty to the art scene, where around 20 of Croatia's most talented artists will exhibit their works.

Organisers estimate that up to 200,000 "strollers" will visit Varazdin over the next ten days. The first to stroll down the streets will be Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin, who is to visit Varazdin around midday tomorrow. (Hina)