2.1 million tourists visit Croatia in first five months of 2013

ZAGREB, 21.7.2013.

In the first five months of 2013 slightly over 2 million tourists visited Croatia, both individually and in organised groups, and both categories generated over three million bed nights each.

According to figures provided by the National Bureau of Statistics, 1.01 million tourists arrived in Croatia individually, or 48% of the 2.1 million tourist arrivals in the first five months of the year. About 52%, or 1.07 million, arrived in organised groups.

The number of individual arrivals was up 5.8% and that of organised arrivals rose 6.6% compared to the corresponding period of 2012.

Of the total number of overnight stays in the January-May period of 2013, tourists who arrived in organised groups accounted for 53%, generating 3.5 million bed nights, a year-on-year increase of 5.5%. Those who arrived individually generated 3.1 million bed nights, up 12.3%.

There were more foreign holidaymakers than domestic ones in the reporting period. A total of 736,700 foreign tourists visited Croatia individually, an increase of 7.2%, and they generated 2.4 million bed nights, up 15%. The number of those who arrived in organised groups was 882,300, up 7.2%, and they generated nearly 3 million bed nights, a rise of 9%.

The number of domestic tourists who visited their holiday destinations individually was up 2.1% and the number of their overnight stays increased 3.2% in relation to last year. However, the number of their arrivals organised by travel agencies fell 6% and their overnight stays were down 11%. (Hina)