Interest in Croatia rising in Spain

ZAGREB, 7.7.2013.

Interest in Croatia has grown in Spain since Croatia joined the European Union on July 1, as confirmed by 21 per cent of respondents in a survey which TripAdvisor conducted in Spain in June, while 57% said they were interested in vacationing in Croatia regardless of the EU membership.

The findings of the survey were released by the Croatian Tourist Board on Friday, showing that only 15% of the respondents said they were not interested in vacationing in Croatia.
TripAdvisor, the world's premier portal for customer reviews of the tourism industry, conducted the survey on a sample of 1,825 people.

Over the past 12 months, TripAdvisor recorded a 32% increase in online browsing for Croatia in Spain. Spanish tourists rate Croatia as one of the best destinations in Europe.

The rise in their interest in Croatia has also been the result of the "Game of Thrones" TV series, which was filmed on several Croatian locations this year. A Facebook competition was launched in July by the HTZ's Madrid office, with prizes including air fare and accommodation in Dubrovnik. The competition has drawn hundreds of thousands of followers. (Hina)