Croatian tourism season proceeding as planned

ZAGREB, 27.6.2013.

The tourist season in Croatia so far is going as planned with excellent results in May and somewhat weaker results in June and considering the positive situation and announcements from most foreign tourism markets along with additional market measures we expect that the peak season will be a good one, at least as good as last year's, the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) reported on Thursday.

Speaking about this year's expectations, Tourism Minister and President of the HTZ Darko Lorenicn said that it was difficult to make any accurate estimations as much of this depends on the results in June which were are little weaker in the first half of the month but improved in the latter half which could 'water down' the May results.

Even if figures prove to be negative this will be insignificant. Comments on the first half of the year will only be possible once the June HTZ results are known.

Due to the positive results in the first four months of the year the end results at the end of the year could be equal to those of last year but it is difficult to estimate whether the 10% growth rate will be maintained.

HTZ Director Meri Matesic warned of the competition Croatia could face from Greece, Egypt and Tunisia which due to problems over the past few years have invested significant resources into promotional activities and are offering cheaper prices to revive their tourism, she said, adding that Croatia would have to sharpen its price competition, particularly considering the expected fall in numbers from Russia, Ukraine and other countries subject to the new visa regime.

The HTZ in cooperation with foreign partners - Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia and Ukraine - has undertaken additional market measures in promotional and advertising activities and will invest an additional HRK 5.3 million for this purpose, she said. (Hina)