Croatian and Slovenian ministers discuss possible common activities in tourism

ZAGREB, 14.6.2013.

Croatian Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin and Slovenian Minister of Economic Development and Technology Stanko Stepisnik met on Friday in the Slovenian town of Gadova Pec near the border town Brezice to exchange information on market trends and possible joint promotional activities on third markets and other matters relating to tourism.

Both ministers believe that their opinions on developing tourism in the future coincide with the exception of some segments and together they could be leaders in this part of Europe, the Croatian Tourism Ministry reported.

Minister Lorencin said that 2012 was a record year in tourism and that Slovenian tourists were the second largest group of tourists that visit Croatia with more a million arrivals and over 6.2 million overnight stays from that country.

Slovenia is one of Croatia's largest tourism markets making up for 11% of Croatia's total tourism numbers. Croatia is the best destination for Slovenian tourists due to its proximity.
The ministers discussed experiences in utilising European Union structural and cohesion funds which will also be available to Croatia once it joins the EU.

Slovenia and Croatia are traditionally connected economic partners and the Croatian market is one of the most interesting for Slovenian companies, particularly with regard to trade, investments and tourism Slovenia's Minister Stepisnik said, adding that once Croatia joins the Union, bilateral relations could be strengthened especially in increasing tourism turnover between the two countries. (Hina)