Hotels registered 10% more tourists during first six months

Zagreb, 24.8.2005.

When it comes to choosing the most desirable form of accommodation, statistics show that most of our tourists like to spend their holidays in hotels or camps. In the first 6 months during this year 2.96 million guests visited Croatia, 1.54 million of them stayed at hotels and 436 000 at camps.

Those figures show that, compared to 2004, hotels have registered an increase of tourists by 10%.

Besides hotels and camps, another very attractive destination are nautical ports. During the first six months those ports registered approximately 225 000 tourists, which is a decrease by 2% compared to last year.

We mustn’t forget to mention private accommodations. Approximately 212 000 tourist chose to spend their holidays in private apartments, rooms and houses, creating an increase by 8%. Non-categorized objects counted 84 400 tourists, 19% less than in the same period last year.